Some genius has invented this pur-fect cat friendly Christmas tree

omg 06/03/2018

Gone are the days of spending hours and hours beautifying your Christmas tree only to have your little furry devil monster rip it all to shreds.

All thanks to the guys over at Square Paws, an American company specialising in 'cat furniture', and yes, this is a real thing people.

Introducing the 'Castmas Tree', a paw friendly artificial Christmas tree souly made your cat in mind.

Photo credit: Square Paws

'A sturdy wood base with routed slots hold two folding leaves of the tree "body" in place along with four heavy-duty, solid wood blocks that have been painted to look like gifts, making for a very powerful base.'

Photo credit: Square Paws

'Hand-upholstered branch platforms snap into place with screwed brackets to the center spline, creating a rhythm of perches for your cat to scale on her way to the apex.  Smaller holes in the tree body are pre-set with hooks for your ornaments or, better yet, a catnip-filled toy, while the larger holes are bare of hooks so that kitty has a place to jump through.  Multiple hooks at the branch "fascias" provide ample places for installing a string of lights and/or more ornaments.'O

Only one minor downfall, this bad boy will set you back a casual $3,500 NZD. Still want in? Make your kitties dreams come true this Christmas, purchase here!