Study confirms we spend 7 years of our lives feeling tired

omg 16/03/2018

A recent study has confirmed that on average, we feel tired for 7 and a half years of our lives! To break it down even further it adds up to being 4 days of each month or 6 weeks of every year in which we feel fatigued.

The study does give some advice for how to reduce the feeling of tiredness however...

"It’s not widely known that a lack of vitamin D is associated with fatigue and exhaustion."

"Lack of vitamin D may contribute to the energy slump that many people experience towards the end of winter when our vitamin D levels are at their lowest."

"Correcting a vitamin D deficiency can significantly improve fatigue in otherwise healthy people with vitamin D deficiency."

They also found the top 10 reasons why people feel tired...

  1. A sleepless night
  2. Having to get up early
  3. A late night
  4. Dark mornings and evenings
  5. Bad weather
  6. Too much or not enough exercise
  7. Working long hours
  8. Busy work schedules
  9. A poor diet
  10. A large workload

Source: Independent