Study reveals how often adults say 'I love you' to their mums

omg 12/03/2018

When was the last time you told your mum you loved her? A recent poll from the UK found that on average, adults say 'I love you' to their mum just 12 times per month.

Out of those 12 times, 5 are in person, 5 times over text message and twice on social media.

51% of women admitted to thinking they need to tell their mum they love them more often while only 41% of men thought the same.

Sadly, 15% of those polled said they never tell their mums that they love them and 58% of people said they take their mums for granted.

If these stats have you thinking its time to give mum a call and tell her how much you love her, then go do it now!

Source: MummyPages