Study reveals which child is most likely to be the favourite

omg 14/03/2018

While most parents won't admit to having a favourite child, a recent study from Mumsnet has found that to be somewhat untrue.

Just shy of 50% of parents who competed the survery confessed that their youngest child is their favourite as they see themselves in them more. But when it came to grandparents, they were more likely to favour the eldest child as they are often more excited about the arrival of their first grandchild.

It also seems that humour was a big factor in favouritism, with parents and grandparents favouring children that were more funny than others.

Mumsnet founder told the Mirror that "favouritism is one of the last taboos and can provoke a lot of guilt, so it's important to say that feeling a greater affinity for a particular child is fairly common and doesn't have to be disastrous."

"Toxic favouritism, where siblings become aware of being treated unfairly over the long term, is whole other ball game. The distilled Mumsnet wisdom on this issue is that a lot of parents like their children differently - the crucial thing is we all love them wholly."

Source: The Sun