Teacher asks red headed student to dye her hair a 'natural' colour

omg 26/03/2018

A mum has been left not-so-surprisingly fuming after her 12-year-old daughter claims a teacher told her to dye her ginger hair because 'orange is not a natural colour'.

I was walking around school and heard somebody [a teacher] say, 'Oi.' I turned around and said, 'Me?' I didn't really see him. He said, 'You need to dye your hair back.' He said, 'Orange isn't a natural colour.

In the teachers defence, it sounds like he assumed Paris had dyed her hair that colour when in fact that shade of orange was in fact 'natural'. But still, who in their right mind would think this is OK? 

Nicola Lane, mother of Paris, says she's now put in an official complaint at the school. 

I told [the staff member] about Paris' hair and she giggled and said, 'That's nothing to worry about, we know ginger is her natural colour.' But it's not funny to someone who's already conscious of their hair colour.

Frustrated Nicola has said she has since complained to the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills about the school.