The age of 31 is the most expensive year of your life and here's why

omg 19/03/2018

Getting old apparently is expensive. Which sucks... not only are you literally getting closer to death, you also have to spend more money along the way. 

A new study has revealed that your 31st year is actually the most expensive of your entire life, with a whole range of life-changing purchases that point you in the direction of financial ruin (can't wait).

According to British credit check company CreditScore, the plethora of 'proper' purchases you'll rack up - think houses, cars, weddings and the like are centred around the age of 31 and make it the dearest year of your existence.

They surveyed 3,000 people and discovered that getting married was the biggest expense of all, with 27 percent of people claiming that their eternal love for their partner was their biggest financial drain.

The next biggest expense was getting a house together with a full quarter of respondents saying that buying a house was their main purchase.

Of course, once you've got a house and a spouse, then the next logical step might well be a kid, so 31-year-olds can look forward to paying for that as well. Another 25 percent of respondents put that down as their biggest buy.

CreditScore's survey calculated the total value of all these things at £43,000 ($81,800 NZD) in total, so if you're in your mid-20s, then get saving now.