The four tell-tale signs you're a good mother according to a child psychologist

omg 09/03/2018

Am I a good mother? Am I doing a good job? Will my child grow up to hate me?  Will my child grow up to be happy? These are the kinds of questions that can keep us up all night.

"Unfortunately, many of us walk the Earth often feeling like we’re failing our kids in some way – particularly during times when we’re feeling stressed, rushed and disorganised,” Dr Kimberley O’Brien of The Quirky Kid Clinic reveals.

"But it’s worth remembering that once you have food, water and shelter covered, the most important thing for kids is to feel unconditional love and I think most of us would have no problems with expressing such love."

From a practical point of view, Dr O’Brien also points to the following “markers” as proof you can finally hit the “off” switch on that negative internal dialogue:

  • Your child is a sound sleeper
  • Your child has a good social network
  • Your child testing your boundaries
  • Your child seems happy

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