Turns out you've been cooking pasta wrong all along

omg 06/03/2018

What to many may seem to be the easiest part of the dinner routine can somehow turn into a stodgy, stachy mess. 

Too hard if not cooked enough, too soft and goey if cooked too long, this dilema has finally been solved after one of the world's top chefs has revealed the secrets to cooking pasta, and it turns out we've been doing it totally wrong all along.

Turns out the 'easy' go-to for family dinners actually requires a very specific scientific method in order to completely nail that perfect spag-bol.

The owner of New York's Fusco restaurant and who has been dubbed “the Maestro of pasta”, Scott Conant, shared all his secrets to making perfect “pantry pasta” with My Domaine.

The ultimate trick, and more widely known hack, is adding a splash of the pasta water to the sauce to bring out the perfect flavour.

Spending the same amount of time trying to figure out how much to cook as it does to actually cook it? Scott says a tight handful of Bucatini (thick spaghetti style noodles) is the perfect amount for one person and says that just less than 10 minutes is the optimum time for cooking this type of pasta.

Adding a spoonful of pasta water to your sauce will help it cling to the pasta, making it way easier to consume. But if you're anything like us, we still manage to stuff up the simpliest task in the kitchen.

To prevent the sauce becoming too salty, Scott says adding the pasta water just as the sauce is cooking down is the perfect time to do so, he then covers the pan and waits for it to bubble.