"Front facing" Peppa Pig is labelled the 'stuff nightmares are made of'

funny stuff 19/04/2018

Peppa Pig is a character loved by all kids, and by the parents who are glad for a bit of family-friendly distraction.

But someone on Twitter has noticed how it's very rare to see Peppa Pig be seen front on. In all episodes, her 'whistle-shaped head' is seen either from the left, or from the right.

So what does that mean when she's looked at from the front?

Japanese Twitter user KwonHanchi sketched the results, and it's been described by many as 'the stuff nightmares are made of.'

The aspiring teenage animator shared an image of Peppa's 'left face', followed by a picture of her 'right face' and then an artistic visualisation of what you might see based on that if you were to look at her front on.

Peppa's front face is too disturbing to imagine. And it's not any better in colour.

And that's probably why you'll never see Peppa's front face!

Source: The Edge