'Very unattractive' people earn more money than others claims study

omg 23/04/2018

A recent study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology has found that people who were deemed 'very unnattractive' earned significantly more money than those who were deemed attractive.

People were asked to rank others based on their appearance with the results then being matched back to their salaries. The results showed that more attractive people earned less while people ranked unattractive earned much, much more.

"Could this openness-attractiveness association be an indicator that some of the very unattractive scored especially low on openness and were perhaps highly devoted to a specific topic area, pursuing it obsessively to the exclusion of all distractions and eventually entering the forefront of their field?" the researchers wrote.

So basically the study implies that people who are perceived as 'unattractive' spend more time focusing on their careers, meaning they earn more money.

Source: Independent