12 details you might want to delete from Facebook to protect yourself

omg 26/04/2018

It's no secret that Facebook is one of the world's most powerful influences in the world. But after the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are questioning what is "safe" to have shared to your friends and followers on Facebook.

The Independent have labelled 12 details you may be posting to Facebook that may actually be putting your privacy at risk, some of these which include:

1) Your birthday
Along with your name and address, people can use your birthdate as a puzzle piece to access more personal information such as your bank details.

2) Your phone number
Having your phone number exposed can leave you open to all sorts of scams and online stalkers.

3) The friends you don't talk to
It's no secret that you don't talk to most of your Facebook friends, with research saying only 4.1% of your connections considered "dependable", while 13% only exhibit sympathy during an "emotional crisis". Do you want your vulnerable life events shared to them?

4) Photographs of your children/young family members
Because what have they consented to, and what will become of those images in the future?

5) Where your children go to school
You don't want to give an opportunity for potential sex offenders to find out where your child attends school.

6) Tagging your location
Even tagging that you're "at home" can actually give away your address.

7) Where and when you're going for holiday
You'll be exposing yourself to potential burgulars if they notice your house is empty because you're overseas, and some companies may refuse your insurance claim for that.

8) Location services in general
Your phone's location services could be exposing your location online, and who knows who is on the other side seeing those details.

9) Your relationship status
At least give it some time before you change it, because you don't want to have to change it back again...

10) Your manager
Unless you never complain about work, it's best that the CEO of your company doesn't see your not-so PC Facebook updates.

11) A photo of your credit or your credit card details
This is self-explanatory.

12) A photo of your boarding pass
The barcode of your boarding pass is unique to you. Which means it could be used to find the information you provided to the flight company.

Source: Independent