Bride's request for wedding guests to medicate for ceremony causes outrage

omg 30/04/2018

A bride to be has caused quite a stir online after insisting that all guests attending her wedding ceremony take a hay fever pill before arriving. The bride is worried that having people sneeze throughout the vowels will ruin her big day.

Someone on the invite list took to Mumsnet to see what others thought of the request...

The person revealed the request came with the invitation and stated that "the pollen count will be high and the last thing I want is sneezing during the ceremony."

"I can't work out if it's unreasonable to ask your guests to medicate themselves so they don't sniffle." the person quizzed.

People were quick to comment with their views...

"Do they have shares in that particular brand of antihistamine? If I took it, I would fall asleep and the sound of my snoring is worse than a bit of sniffling and sneezing." one person wrote.

"I have confused myself as I find this sensible but also hilarious. Who would actually say that on their invite!?" someone else confessed.

But others were more in the middle. "Maybe they're planning on a whole host of floral plants and are warning their guests who suffer with hay fever?:

They continued by adding that they "think telling people to medicate is unreasonable just to avoid a sniff and a sneeze. But warning them their ceremony might trigger their allergies is a nice thing to do. Maybe the wording could have been less aggressive though."

Do you think telling wedding guests to medicate is a step too far?