Cafe charges $7 for "Vegemite smear"

omg 20/04/2018

An Australian café has attracted widespread ridicule after serving up vegemite toast to a paying customer - deconstructed.

While it's only comprised of three ingredients - bread, butter and vegemite - the dish came with each component separated from the others.

Huon Kenilworth, the victim of the monstrous dish, posted an image of it on his Instagram with the caption: "Gourmet vegemite on toast. This is just ridiculous! Tasty but ridiculous."

The post, which was picked up local media, was widely mocked - and Newcastle's Core Espresso has admitted to being the eatery that served it up.

"If you paid for this you deserve a kick to the middle leg," wrote one social media user.

"Food in cafes and restaurants served on wooden boards should be banned. And so should pretentious skid marks," said another.

"Looks like someone rode their bike through a dog poo," posted yet another.

Following its newfound fame, Core Espresso has told Mr Kenilworth his next serving of vegemite toast is on them.