Couple give a creative name to the birth of their 14th baby boy

funny stuff 24/04/2018

Thirteen boys - and now a Michigan couple have had number 14.

And Kateri and Jay Schwandt can see the funny side.

Son No.14 has been named Sheboygan after a Native American chief who fathered many boys, Mr Schwandt said.

Mr Schwandt told US media when the baby turned out to be yet another boy, the chief came up with the name Sheboygan - or, "she is a boy again".



The full name of the Schwandts' newest arrival is Finley Sheboygan Schwandt.

Mr Schwandt claims they've now done their dash and there is no way they will have another child - though he's said that before.

The couple's oldest son was born more than 25 years ago.

A documentary on the family is coming out in June.