Couples who earn the same amount of money more likely to be happier

omg 16/04/2018

A rececnt study has revealed that couples who earn roughly the same amount of money are more likely to stay together.

"Once couples have reached a certain income and wealth threshold, they’re more likely to marry," the researchers said.

"They want to have a house and a car and enough savings to have a big wedding; and they also want to have stable jobs and a steady income."

"Marriage is increasingly reserved for couples that have achieved a high economic standard," they added.

"Rising divorce rates since the 1960s have also been steepest for individuals with less education."

So while it may not be the most romantic thing in the world, it seems that when couples earn similar amounts of money it tends to help with a whole raft of issues.

"Equality appears to promote stability," they concluded.

"Equality in men’s and women’s economic contributions may hold these couples together."

Source: Independent