Dad subtlety photobombs daughter's engagement with blunt message

funny stuff 04/04/2018

It was meant to be the most magical day of her life... But while Allison was busy saying yes to her now fiance, her dad was off secretly photobombing her.

It's almost impossible to see him in the photo below, but somewhere in the distance her father is standing on the hill with a pretty upfront sign...

Photo credit: Twitter | @allison_barron

The dad had made a sign reading 'say no' - it may seem a bit extreme, but Allison insists it was just a joke!

She told Buzzfeed that her fiance and her dad "have gone on many trips altogether and they have hung out just the two of them before too, playing tennis, riding dirt bikes, and other activities."

So luckily for this couple, it sounds like it was all just a bit of fun!

Photo credit: Twitter | @allison_barron

Source: The Mirror