Dogs lie to owners to get what they want says pet expert

omg 10/04/2018

We think of them as man's best friend, but unfortunately a new study has shown that dogs may not love us as much as we love them!

Researchers from Switzerland have found that dogs will lie to their owners in order to get what they want... Mostly food.

They trained 27 dogs of different ages to differentiate between a 'cooperative' person and a 'competitive' person. The 'cooperative' woman allowed the dog their favourite treat while the 'competitive' woman didn't.

The dogs were taught to lead the two people to one of three different boxes. One with their favourite treat, another with dog biscuits and a third box with nothing inside.

The 'cooperative' person gave the dog the contents of the box while the 'competitive' person withheld it.

The dogs quickly learned in order to get the food they needed to lead the 'competitive' person to the box with nothing in it as they became aware they'd take it away, meaning they could eat the content of the other two boxes.

"On both test days, the dogs were more likely to lead the cooperative partner than the competitive one to the box containing the preferred food, and this effect was stronger on the second than on the first test day" the researchers said.

So if you're trying to teach your dog new behaviours, they might just be playing you at your own game!

Source: Independent