Fitness blogger hits back at critics of working mums in viral Instagram post

we love 09/04/2018

A prominent fitness blogger has hit out at those who are quick to judge mothers, saying critics will attack them whether they "stay home and raise your kids" or "make a career for yourself".

Sia Cooper, who runs a successful Instagram account under the moniker Diary of a Fit Mommy, says the reality is "no mother can win" when it comes to how best to parent their children.

"I've been told that I did nothing when I was a stay-at-home mom and that SAHMs were 'lazy' and 'useless'. The people who made these comments were either non-moms or moms who worked outside the home," she wrote.

"Now let's talk about working mothers and how they've been called bad moms for choosing to make a living outside the home to provide for their families.

"It seems like no mother can win here! What gives? You're damned if you choose to stay home and raise your kids and you're damned if you make a career for yourself. "

Ms Cooper says she's had "so many comments" accusing her of doing nothing, despite her "work[ing] my ass off", and running a US$500,000-a-year business that's allowed her husband to retire.

"Why is there this stupid idea of what a mom should be, should do and should look like? This is how society is so screwed up," she continued.

"How I choose to provide income for my family is none of your business... If you choose to work 40+ hours outside the home, you go girl!

"If you choose to forgo a career to raise your children full-time - hell yes! More power to both types of mamas because BOTH work so hard in different ways."