Groomsman trying to 'help' wedding photo shoot crashes the buggy instead

funny stuff 28/04/2018

A groomsman's job is about helping to make the wedding memorable, and this groomsman sure went above and beyond to do it.

Images posted by RNC Photography show newly married Aussie couple Josh and Madeline Tattersall happily posing for their wedding photos. But unknown to them, there's something in the background that doesn't seem to go so smoothly.

Groomsman Matty Farmer is instead seen trying his best to control a golf buggy as it falls on the dirt ground.

Talking with Jase & Jay-Jay, he says his intention was to help the photographer create that dusty light effect in the background - by driving donuts in the buggy.

Next second, the buggy has flipped over on itself.

Thankfully no one was injured, and the lovely bride and groom see the funny side of it all, Matt sharing that for them it is a bit surreal that their photos have gone viral.