Kiwi woman plans to live off only $1000 for one year

omg 24/04/2018

A Kaitaia woman has committed to only spending $1000 this year in a bid to save some serious money.

Lyn Webster is 94 days into the $1000 spend and has survived on little over a dollar a day, spending only $93 so far.

"I just ran out of money with farming and I looked at how much I was spending on groceries, it was just absolutely obscene and that is something I can get control over.

"So I did and now I've just ended up making so many things everyone else buys from the supermarket and my life is better of for it."

Her top tip to saving some money - baking soda - there is nothing it can't fix, which she uses for almost all cleaning jobs. 

Check out the video above for more of her top tips she shared with The Project team.