Men look the most attractive when they hit their 30s says study

we love 30/04/2018

A recent study has revealed that men hit their style 'prime' in their 30s.

After spending most of their life up until that point experimenting with various looks, including on average 4 different hair styles, 5 fashion styles and 3 different facial hair styles men - 35 is the age that men feel the most confident in their outward look and feel content with their inner substance. Honesty, intelligence and success at work were the 3 key factors that mattered most to their inner substance.

The study also showed that 40% of men saw their style as 'casual', 20% as 'cool' and 10% said their style was 'smart'.

They also revealed that almost 70% of those surveyed tried a look they later came to regret and a similar number of people admitted to trying a style just because it was popular and not because they felt it would suit them.

They also added that in recent years men have shown more interest in how they look and have invested more time and money in grooming products and clothes.

Source: Independent