Mum says it's not damaging to tell the family who is her favourite child

omg 20/04/2018

Most mothers are quick to say that they never have a favourite child, because she loves them all equally.

But one mum of four has caused quite a bit of controversy after appearing on television, telling the world that her family know the third child is the favourite.

Alisha Tierney-March openly told 'This Morning' in the UK how she prefers her third child Kennedie over the others.

When Kennedie was born, Alisha says she was able to spend more alone time with her, as the other two older children were busy at school. 

"I got those whole six hours together, I breastfed her which I hadn’t been able to do like my other children."

“Kennedie is just all round nicer to be around,” she confessed. “I’ve just got that different bond with Kennedie, I have got such a bond with her. I’m not sure if it’s down to breastfeeding.”

Her two older children were more difficult as a baby, and her current youngest is a bit of "hard work."

But according to her family, who are well aware of the favouritism, she says it doesn't bother the kids.

"They will say, she's your favourite and I'll say, yeah she is. But when I sat down to talk to them before doing this, they said, 'We know she's your favourite but you still love us just as much.'"

"They don't see it as a big deal, they see that age difference and that she's the baby, who is to say it doesn't change as she gets older."

Both 'This Morning' hosts were quite questionable to Alisha's openness about her preferential child, and the 32-year-old mother has received quite a number of negative comments online.

"She should be bloody ashamed of herself ! And she's sitting there grinning! Poor kids growing up knowing there's a favourite," said one on Twitter.

Another said: "Cannot believe this horrible woman saying she has a favourite child. How can any mother feel like this? Setting herself up for a lot of trouble when they are older".

A third wrote: "Imagine growing up and finding out your mum went on national tv to say she has a favourite child and it’s not you."