New wedding trend sees flower-less brides make a statement

we love 13/04/2018

Some brides focus a lot on the bouquet they'll hold in their hand as they walk up the aisle.

But one bride has gotten other wedding planners reconsidering how they treat their bridal bouquet thanks to her viral posts.

Australian brand She Shopped recently posted photos from a wedding featuring a beautiful bride Riannon, who walked down the aisle without a bouquet.

But as she walked, she was handed flowers by her guests, which they brought from home or from the florist.

The flowers she was handed then accumulated into a full bouquet by the time she met her groom, tied together by a ribbon that used to belong to her grandmother.

The symbolic gesture of everyone's support being handed to her and her partner have people rethinking how they'll treat their wedding day bouquet!

See the rest of the photos below: