Oldest man in the world credits desserts, hot springs and telling people off for his long life

funny stuff 12/04/2018

Looking to increase your life expectancy?

Try asking the man who has just been awarded the title of "Oldest Person Living (male)", Masazo Nonaka.

The Japanese citizen, who has been alive for 112 years and 259 days, credits his longevity to "soaking in hot springs and eating sweets."

His daughter says that he also strives to live a stress-free life, and doesn't hesitate in telling someone off. 

"If he doesn't want something, he'll make sure everyone knows about it," she told the Guinness World Records.

Masazo was born on July 25th 1905, and has spent his lengthy retirement watching sumo wrestling on TV, reading the newspaper, and indulging in sweets.

He also enjoys hanging out with his two cats, Haru and Kuro. If he doesn't like the dinner he's been given, he'll feed it to them.