Parenting website seeking professional nappy changers after intense demand

omg 17/04/2018

No one likes changing nappies, but would you consider paying someone for it?

Well a parenting website in the UK is looking for professional nappy changers after their april fools joke revealed intense demand for a paid nappy changing service.

"We originally came up with the idea as an April Fool in 2018, but after receiving over 400,000 views on social media and being inundated with comments from people who thought it was genuinely a great idea, we've decided to launch the service for real!"

Parents will be charged roughly $10 NZD per nappy changed with the service operating in a Uber taxi styled way. You simply order the nappy changer and someone arrives at your house in 10 minutes!

There are some requirements for the role however, they ask for at least one year of childcare experience.

"Ask any parent which job they hate doing the most, and we guarantee nappy changing is top of the list," said Richard Conway from

"Many parents have told us that they wish they could hire someone to change their children's nappies, and now they can with this service."

Currently the service is only planned for the UK, but if it takes off over there it won't be long before it expands across the world!

Source: Independent