Quitting teacher blames "disrespectful" parents and kids in viral post

omg 09/04/2018

One teacher has had enough, and isn't shy to say who is to blame.

American intermediate school teacher, Julie Marburger, wrote a viral post on Facebook declaring that she was quitting her job at the end of the year and pointed the finger at parents for ruining her job.

She explains in her post that parents have become "far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse," and that the school administration stays on the side of the parents to keep them happy.

"Which leaves me with no way to do the job I was hired to do...teach kids."

She posted photos showing how often kids damage or destroy her own personal possessions and property, and when she tried to hold one student accountable for his actions, the parent rudely came to the defence of their child - right in front of the student. 

"I have never heard of a profession where people put so much of their heart and soul into their job, taking time and resources from their home and family, and getting paid such an insultingly measly amount."

"Teachers are some of the most kind and giving people I have ever met, yet they get treated so disrespectfully from all sides. Most parents can't stand to spend more than a couple hours a day with their kid, but we spend 8 with yours and 140 others just like him. Is it too much to ask for a little common courtesy and civil conversation?"

The post has since been shared over 400,000 times on Facebook with many sharing their support and similar stories.