Study reveals how many bad days we're likely to experience each year

omg 09/04/2018

We all have those days where things just don't go to plan, but have you ever wondered if you experience more of them than others in your life?

Well a recent study by Freeletics of 2000 people in the States has found that on average we all have 60 bad days per year.

When the participants were asked what was the primary cause for their bad days, here is how they responded...

  • 80% due to work stress
  • 67% due to a bad nights sleep
  • 34% due to cancelled plans
  • 25% due to bad hair days

So if you want to limit your bad days, trying to reduce the effects of these signs might be a good start. The study also added that a good way to reduce stress is exercise.

Do you think the findings of this study are true for you?

Source: Hit