This airline will pay you $5000 a month to travel the world with your best friend

we love 30/04/2018

If your current day to day job is wearing a bit thin, then this new job might be the thing for you. WOW Air are looking for 2 best friends to travel the world together and get paid doing it!

"We are now accepting applications for a 3 month paid summer job, where you will move to Iceland and travel the world with your best friend." the airline writes on their website.

"Your mission will be to explore some of WOW air's 38 destinations and document your travels to create a complete digital Travel Guide."

Some places you'll travel to include London, New York, Dublin, Berlin and a whole heap of other places!

Both you and your best friend will be paid $5500 a month to do it and all you'll have to do is rate each city that you go to. During your travels you'll just need to make videos of you and your bestie rating the food, culture, nightlife, nature, transport and how friendly each city is on the budget.

WOW Air add that "to apply, you will need to create and upload a short video travel guide (max 2 min) of your hometown."

The trip will take place between June 1st - August 15th.

You can enter your application for this once in a life time job here.