This is the how long into marriage that couples are at their happiest

we love 23/04/2018

A recent study from the Pennsylvania State and Brigham Young Universities has revealed how long into marriage that couples are at their happiest.

The research showed that happiness levels were at their lowest in the first 20 years of marriage but then started to stabilise and increase after that.

"Although divorce is common these days, about half of all marriages last a lifetime and the long-term outlook for most of these marriages is upbeat, with happiness and interaction remaining high, and discord declining."

The reason, they believe, is due to a much deeper level of understanding only earned by spending more time together.

The research also dispels the myth that couples become more tired and bitter with each other as time goes on.


"It’s a depressing and misleading stereotype that sitcoms like to portray and until now researchers have generally agreed that marriages start well but thereafter drift into terminal decline. Only it’s a complete myth."

So if you haven't hit the 20 year mark yet, the best days might still be ahead of you!

Source: Independent