Timelapse shows why mums always wake up tired

we love 20/04/2018

Work as a mum doesn't stop when the sun goes down, and mum-of-three, Melanie Darnell, knows this best.

The mum blogger decided to conduct an experiment as to how much rest she was able to get in one night, as an insight as to why she's always waking up tired.

"My husband is traveling for work, my 10 Months old still isn't sleeping through the night and my 2 year has an ear infection. For my personal curiosity of how much sleep I have actually been getting, I duct taped our Nest Cam to the ceiling. What you are about to witness is real video footage of how my night went."

The video shows the reality of parenting, and how women stay tough to take care of the children at all hours.

“My hope was mums around the world could take comfort in knowing at the very same middle-of-the-night moment each of us is cradling our babies in the dark of our homes, together in this shared experience of motherhood.”