TV mum shares her trick to get her baby to sleep while travelling overseas

omg 20/04/2018

When you're out of home, staying somewhere new, it can be hard to get the little ones to fall asleep. But one reality TV mum has a "random" technique she swears by.

British reality star Sam Faiers, who appears on the TV series 'The Mummy Diaries', showed her technique after her daughter rosie was having trouble sleeping in Dubai for a family holiday.

Putting a five-month-old to sleep is a struggle in general, let alone if you've been on a plane for several hours.

However, Sam demonstrated that out of all the resources available in her luxury hotel, the one appliance she needs is the hairdryer. All she simply did was switch it on - and it became an instant white noise machine.

“So here I am, in the most beautiful suite, trying to get Rosie to sleep with a hairdryer on the floor,” the mum of two laughs.

“It sounds so random but I do think there’s a lot of mums out there who do the same as me." A statement that became true as mums online joined in and shared that the hairdryer is their 'go-to' tool as well.

“Omg the hair dryer still sends me and my five year old to sleep,” one fellow mum said.

“I laughed at you putting the hairdryer on to comfort Rosie. We do the same with our 4 week old to stop her crying!” another wrote.

So next time you're overseas on holiday with the kids, get more use out of the hotel hairdryer!

Source: Honey