Woman creates thriving business selling cuddles for $80 an hour

omg 11/04/2018

You probably never thought that getting a cuddle or a hug would be on your shopping list, but for many people that is now the case!

In recent weeks Jean Franzblau has found internet fame after her business the Cuddle Sanctuary drew international attention. Jean sells hour long cuddle sessions to people for $80 and business is booming.

Their website description reads: "Get ready for a relaxing experience that will soothe your spirit and quiet your mind. Your session can include hugging, spooning, holding hands and sharing compassion and kind words. We’ll provide you with lots of options and guide you every step of the way."

In a recent interview Today Extra, Jean said she started the business after she found herself 'very busy and getting very depressed' she added that she had "no idea I was touch-deprived. I didn't even know that was a thing."

"When I started platonic cuddling I was amazed by how much better I felt... there were physical and emotional benefits." Jean added.

Scientifically hugs are proven to help improve your immune system, make you sleep better and even make you happier. So while it may seem odd, there are some proven benefits of a snuggle!

Source: DailyMail