Woman loses house after spending $25,000 attending her friends' weddings

omg 26/04/2018

British woman Georgina Childs has attended 20 different weddings and hens dos in four years, and she says it has cost her her house.

The 30-year-old claims she was forced to move back in with her parents because each wedding she attended set her back her at least $530 once the cost of the travel, accommodation and a gift are taken into account.

Over £13,000 ($25,000 NZD) was spent on weddings and hens dos, eight of those where she was a bridesmaid.

But she says she couldn't turn it down because it was a "social faux pas" and rude to say no.

"Some people say I should start turning down invites for once removed type friends or someone I'm not as close to but it's easy to say that, it's not that easy to turn down a wedding invite."

"I think that's almost seen as a bit of a social faux pas. It is an honour to receive an invite so to turn it down it could be seen as offensive."

The debt she racked up on her credit card resulted in her selling her home in London and moving back in with her parents.

She says she's also trying to save money by picking Airbnb accommodation instead of hotels, and recycling the same wedding outfits for more than one ceremony.

Her actions have been slammed online, but she is firm in saying that some costs are unavoidable, especially when hens dos or weddings last for more than one day.

Watch her full interview with British TV show 'This Morning'.