Woman mistakes her 37-week pregnancy as bad Chinese takeaways

omg 12/04/2018

It was quite the surprise when a 29-year-old woman recently found out the stomach pains she suffered from were not from food poisioning, but from a baby that was basically at its full trimester.

American woman, Crystal Gail Amerson, told local papers that she woke up around 4am on a Sunday with stomach pains that had frequently visiting the bathroom.

"I had Chinese food the night before and I kind of figured maybe I had food poisoning or something like that," she told wwltv.com.

But it turned out she was 37 weeks pregnant and was soon to be giving birth to her second son. The mum had been completely clueless until the contractions started, as she hadn't experienced any typical pregnancy symptoms.

"I gained a little bit of weight, but I think with my first baby I didn't notice either," she said.

"I never gained that pregnancy shape, really. And then I wear scrubs to work because I work at a retirement home for Alzheimer's and dementia patients. So I guess the way they fit me as well, it was hard to notice anything or tell anything."

Only a couple of hours later since that 4am wakeup did she give birth to Oliver James, who was born in the back of the ambulance as they travelled to the hospital. He weighed in at 18.9 inches and 5.27 pounds.

And while the baby was happy and healthy, Crystal says she has yet to return to eating Chinese food any time soon, saying the experience has "traumatised" her from looking at Chinese food the same way.