Woman shares her cheap and simple hack for removing pet hair off furniture

we love 16/04/2018

We all love our pets, but one thing we may not love about them is the amount of fur they leave behind all over the place!

An Australian woman has revealed her cheap and simple hack she uses to get the pet fur off of her furniture...

All she uses is a cheap $2 shower squeegee from K Mart! She simply wipes it off the furniture on to the floor and vacuums it up.

"I honestly had little hope when I picked it up off the shelf, but I thought that it was only $2 and I could use it elsewhere if it didn’t work, so I had nothing to lose."

"I am definitely loving the results and it’s so easy!"

"I have another window washer from Kmart that I actually use for windows — this one is purely for the couch."

So if you struggle with fur all over the place, this might be a quick way to keep on top of it!

Source: Hit