Drivers who tailgate actually slow down travel time by a huge amount says study

omg 17/05/2018

No one likes a tailgater (a person who deliberately drives right up your back in a bid to make you drive faster), but a recent study shows that what they're doing might actually be having the opposite affect to what they're after!

"We humans tend to view the world in terms of what's ahead of us, both literally and conceptually, so it might seem counter-intuitive to look backwards," one of the head researchers said.

He argues that if drivers spent more time thinking about what was behind them as well as in front it would help in reducing travel times by up to twice as much!

"Driving like this could have a dramatic effect in reducing travel time and fuel consumption without having to build more roads or make other changes to infrastructure."

"Birds have been doing this for centuries," he added. " To program this behavior, you'd want to look at the birds all around you and not just the ones in front of you."

"Our work shows that, if drivers all keep an equal distance between the cars on either side of them, such 'perturbations' would disappear as they travel down a line of traffic, rather than amplify to create a traffic jam."

So next time you're stuck in traffic and feel the urge to nudge the driver, take it slow and it might actually help everyone!

Source: ScienceDaily