Growing trend sees people attempting to make McDonald's at home

omg 08/05/2018

In what seems to be a growing trend, people have started attempting to create McDonald's meals at home!

The idea started on a Facebook group known simply as 'Homemade McDonald's'. People share photos of their creations along with recipes for how they did it.

Creater of the group Joel Cornell spoke to The Mirror recently about his reasons for setting up the page.

"I used to make 'McDonald's' food for friends at barbecues," Joel said.

"It was just a bit of fun, but people said, 'hey, this is really good', so I shared some photos of my food online and people were interested. I started the group and it went from there."

"People seem really into it," he said. "They love it. McDonald's is quite nostalgic. It reminds everyone of birthday parties when they were kids and everything, so I think they quite like trying to make it themselves."

"Trying to get that flavour and look is creative. And obviously nailing the process feels pretty cool. It's quite rewarding."

While the homemade versions look pretty accurate, you'll have to try them at home for yourself to see if they taste just the same!