Having a 'work best friend' makes you more successful

we love 09/05/2018

If you often find yourself getting a coffee or going to after work drinks with one colleague in particular - then you might have yourself a work best friend!

A new study from Harvard University has shown that people who have a work best friend are more successful than those without one.

The study said that for those with a work bestie they had “significantly increased performance, as judged by their supervisor.” When together, they also expressed the same happiness levels as someone who received a $100,000 pay rise! The down side though, is that it can make you less productive...

The same research also found that people were more likely to ask for work advice from their work friends and if their friends were in different departments, they would tend to get info they weren't actually meant to.

So here's to the work besties that help get you through the day!

Source: MarieClaire