Having a sleep in during the weekend can make you live longer

we love 25/05/2018

It can be hard to get as much sleep as you need on the weekdays, but a new study has shown that catching up on sleep on the weekends can help you to live longer!

The study found that for people under the age of 65 and who slept 5 hours or less during the week and didn't sleep in on the weekends had a greater risk of early death. But if all week round you only sleep for 5 hours, you chance of early death is even higher! 

For those who slept for less than five hours during the week but slept in for around nine hours, the results showed they were more likely to live a longer life.

The study included around 30,000 subjects and took place over 13 years.

So if that isn't enough evidence to have a sleep in this weekend, then nothing will be!

Source: TechTimes