Huge amount of husbands admit to feeling 'disappointed' with wife's cooking

omg 04/05/2018

A recent study of households in which wives do the cooking has shown a huge amount of men are left feeling disappointed after eating the food prepared by their other half.

The survey showed that 1/10 men secretly hated their wife's food and around 60% said they felt disappointed after eating.

But while husbands were quick to throw out the criticism, the same study also showed that their wives thought that their husband's cooking was sub-par. 1/4 women said their husband's cooking was 'shocking' and 52% of them admitted to putting on a brave face and eating it anyway when their husband made dinner.

Despite being let down with dinner, both men and women were reluctant to tell their other half about how they really felt.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the study concluded by saying that couples enjoy meals the most when their partner "followed a recipe rather than inventing a quirky dish off the top of their head."

Source: The Mirror