Kiwi boss shouts entire staff on free Las Vegas trip

NZ 08/05/2018

A Christchurch businessman could quite possibly be the best boss in the country.

Paul Kelly, owner of Paul Kelly Motor Company, is taking all 45 staff at his Christchurch business to Las Vegas for a week.

As part of the company's 20-year anniversary, Mr Kelly is treating his staff to the luxury getaway at the Bellagio resort in Nevada, Stuff  reports. 

"I think [I did it] because nobody ever did it for me when I worked for them. It kind of makes sense that if you can, why wouldn't you?"

"My motivation is to get people to be able to either experience things or to be able to do a few things that are perhaps a little bit, sometimes, outside the realm of affordability," he told Stuff

Canterbury Employees Chamber of Commerce chief executive Leanne Watson told Newshub the trip was a very generous reward for his staff.

"It's certainly not common practice at that [business] level and is incredibly generous of Paul Kelly to be doing that but what we are seeing is organisations are always looking at a way to provide reward and recognition for their staff.

"I think businesses are increasingly recognising that people are their most important asset, so reward and recognition for staff is really important to not only retain staff but attract staff," Ms Watson said.

While some employers may not be able to afford a lavish trip for their staff, Ms Watson said it was important for bosses to understand what their staff wanted, which may not always be a cash reward.

There are a variety of things that people may desire including flexibility in the workplace, in terms of hours or work locations or some people may desire health and wellbeing checks or discounted travel among other incentives, she said.