Model loses her dress after 'wardrobe malfunction' on red carpet

omg 24/05/2018

 any red carpet event, you always hope eyes and attention are all on you. However, a model got a bit too much embarrassing attention after her skirt got ripped off from her outfit in front of photographers.

Russian plus-sized model, Yulia Rybakova, was wearing a bold red dress that featured a long sultry red train. And while she was posing for the cameras, she was completely unaware of a man standing on the hem of her skirt. Uh oh. 

As she turned and walked away, the skirt of her dress was still under the man's foot, ripping away underneath her peplum top and revealing her underwear bottoms.

It left her standing there, red faced as her red skirt, while the man hurried to cover her up with her fallen skirt.

Thankfully, all was patched up quick and she still managed to smile despite her wardrobe malfunction.

However, since the footage went viral, a number of skeptics have said it could have been a stunt to earn her 15 minutes of fame, critiquing how "set up" and "cheap trick" it looked.

But others do question it's unlikely someone would choose to expose themselves like that for attention. Thankfully, at least her underwear matched the dress!