Mum goes viral after accidentally feeding child x-rated pasta

omg 01/05/2018

This article contains content that may not be suitable for some people

A mum has accidentally gone viral online after revealing how she accidentally fed her children pasta of an x-rated shape...

"Okay so the Mum of the Year award most definitely does not go to me today.."

"Wandered down to the market and Ava begged me for some 'smiley face' pasta she saw. So I bought it, cooked it for the girls for lunch today."

But things quickly took a turn for the worst...

"Thought it looked a bit odd, re-looked at the bag and IT’S ONLY BLOODY PENIS PASTA! How could I not even realise even while cooking it?! So my 3 year old and 7 month old are currently sat eating a bowl of d***s for their lunch. Life."

A pretty bad mistake to make, but when you're shopping with kids anything can happen!