Mum shares her reason for why she'll never call her daughter 'beautiful'

parenting 01/05/2018

A mum has recently shared her reasons for vowing to never call her daughter 'beautiful'.

Clare O'Reilly shared her story to the DailyMail...

"Seven years ago, I thought I was an expert when it came to parenting. With two young sons, I’d handled all the tantrums, trouble at nursery and toddler illnesses life could throw at me." her post began.

"But then I had a little girl and I realised that raising a young woman with her self-esteem and independent spirit intact brings a new set of challenges."

"From the start, I found that people treated Annie differently to my two boys. The midwives who delivered my sons pronounced them strong, sturdy lads. But Annie — at a massive 9lb 10oz, far heavier than either of her brothers — was first called ‘beautiful’ by the midwife when she was less than a minute old."

She went on to say that "as they got older, the boys were praised for being ‘adventurous’ when they climbed trees... But time and again, Annie was simply told she’s pretty."

Because of this, she vowed to never compliment her daughter on her looks and focus on praising her sporting ability, kindness and dedication. By doing this, she hopes her daughter will have less concerns over her looks as she grows up.

Some people have called it extreme, but what do you think?