Mum shares hilarious plan her kids wrote to convince her to buy them a puppy

funny stuff 15/05/2018

Author Emma Robinson has shared an adorable note her kids wrote for her. The note details their 10 step plan to convince their parents to buy them a puppy and it's pretty funny.

Emma shared the list on her Facebook page, check it out below...

  1. Do all chores
  2. Give compliments
  3. Drop in random facts
  4. Post cute pictures of dogs
  5. Put on Christmas list
  6. Trade in a sibling
  7. Say that I'll get more fit
  8. Put cute pictures around the house
  9. Who's the sucker?
  10. Make a music video.

"Hilarious! I can't decide which is my favourite as so many made me laugh out loud." one person wrote.