New Zealand restaurant bans kids after incident with a child

NZ 08/05/2018

An Akaroa restaurant has banned children under 10 years old from eating on the premises.

The Little Bistro restaurant went child-free after numerous complaints from diners and an incident where a child injured a staff member.

"A child ran into a waitress with a tray of glasses and she cut her arm pretty severely," owner Richard Uttely told NZME.

"As an employer we are responsible for minimising health and safety risks to our employees."

Mr Uttely said since the tables in the restaurant are so close together, there is no room for children to play.

NZME reported one woman was turned away from the restaurant when she took 8-year-old granddaughter there last weekend.

"No child of mine has ever eaten off a kids menu and had a nugget, because I can't stand that. I want children to learn about good food. My manners are impeccable, as are my childrens and my grandchildren."

He says his bistro is not the first in the country to ban children.

"It's quite common place to find hotels and restaurants which are adult only, in lots of cases it's a restriction of the venues liquor licence," he told NZME.

Restaurant Association New Zealand general manager Nicole Waldren said it is perfectly legal to treat those under 16 differently on the basis of age.