Owner of sick guide dog plans epic bucket list for his last days

we love 30/05/2018

Isaac has been a guide dog for many years and was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Briana May from Brisbane is cousins with Isaac's owner and shared with the Cool Dog Group on Facebook a bucket list that she and her cousin put together to make his last days truly special...

Briana uploaded an image of the list along with the caption "Isaac is the coolest dog I know."

"He helps my cousin navigate her way around everywhere. He is also the best snuggle buddy."

"He only has weeks left to live so we wrote him a bucket list. Please help Isaac complete it and send pics of your pooches doing the bucket list items too."

Photo credit: Facebook | Cool Dog Group | Briana May

What an awesome way to make sure both dog and owner make the most of the time they have left together!

Source: The Mirror