Parents are changing the ends of fairytales because they're 'too violent'

omg 14/05/2018

A recent study has shown that a growing number of parents are changing the storyline of fairytales to make them more 'politically correct'.

The poll of over 2000 parents found that many believed the fairytales were far too violent.

The Gingerbread Man and The 3 Little Pigs were deemed some of the worst, with parents saying they were as bad as horror films.

Parents were also concerned about Cinderella being made to clean, Pinocchio lying and a worrying message about acceptance in The Ugly Ducking.

The results also showed that 1/4 parents change the story to make it more appropriate for their kids. On top of that 16% of parents found that the stories were so bad they were banned from the home altogether.

"Some of these stories have been around for generations – many would have been read to mums and dads when they were children," said one of the people behind the study.

"But times have changed and there are many elements to these classic tales which for some don’t really fit into society as they once did."

"Not only that but when you think about the storylines, some can be considered very scary for little children."

Do you think parents should be more worried about the messages in popular fairytales?

Source: Metro