Photo credit: Supplied/Blekinge Läns Tidning

Mum changes child's name after tattoo botch-up

omg 18/05/2018

A woman who got her child's name tattooed with a typo has come up with an ingenious solution - change her child's name.

Swedish mother Johanna Sandstrom wanted to honour her two kids Nova and Kevin by getting their names permanently inked on her arm, local paper Blekingge Lans Tidning reports.

But she made the fatal mistake of not double-checking the tattooist's spelling skills.

"I gave the artist their names," Ms Sandstrom told the paper. "The artist drew the design and didn't ask anything about the spelling so I didn't give it any more thought."

It wasn't until after going home she realised Kevin had been misspelled 'Kelvin'.

"I thought I was going to faint."

The tattooist reportedly laughed when she told him, and offered her a refund.

But instead of getting it removed - which can be costly - Ms Sandstrom decided to go for the cheaper option of just renaming the one-year-old from Kevin to Kelvin.

She said it's a "unique" name no one else she knows has. Clearly she doesn't follow New Zealand politics - the deputy leader of the ruling Labour Party being Kelvin Davis.

Kelvin has reportedly "taken well" to his new name.

Ms Sandstrom recently had a third child, Freya, and plans to check the spelling "10,000 times" before getting her name etched in ink.