People are losing it at this driver's dangerous 'Truck Jenga' attempt

omg 17/05/2018

Social media users have caught a case of the giggles after photos emerged of a dangerously overloaded truck which resembled a game of Jenga.

Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) officers in Staffordshire spotted the truck on the road carrying a huge amount of office equipment and a bike.

Shelving units were stacked so high they peeked over the truck's cab. As if that wasn't enough, precariously balanced office chairs and filing cabinets sat on top of that.

The CMPG posted an image of the truck on Twitter as a warning to users of the dangers of large loads, but many instead saw the funny side of the picture.

"Could have got the kitchen sink on top," one person wrote.

"There is a car in there somewhere," another said.

"They always have to throw a bike on for good measure," someone joked. reports the truck was taken to the nearest scrapyard and its load removed after being pulled over on Monday afternoon (local time) and found to not be roadworthy.

The vehicle was then recovered and the driver was reported for numerous traffic offences.